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Connect your app to any store in the world with Foodin API

Standardized API

World leading standard for grocery orders and delivery

Foodin’s API is the industry standard for creating your own in-app delivery service. We have connected biggest retail stores that deliver, so you don’t have to spend time on numerous integrations with delivery services.

We bring together everything that is required for your app to provide real world nutritional plans and recipes.

Designed for businesses

Complete integration for nutrition, cooking and shopping

We agonize around different conversion units and matching them with optimal products so your team doesn’t have to spend months integrating shopping functionalities.

Nutrition and cooking library

We mapped every grocery and product with measures, macros and micronutrients so you don't have to.

Matching algorithm for every situation

We can predict the choices of products based on preferences and analytics such as type, price and nutritional quality.

Our coverage

We are working closely with the best retail stores in the industry and we keep adding hundreds of retailers every year.

Most complete collection

Over 1,000,000+ products

These days every store has it’s own API so we have figured that a standardized bridge API should give access to every shopping list combination imaginable. Once your app connects to Foodin, not a single customer will be out of reach.

We took a first principles approach in mapping out data so our API finds the root source of the grocery, way it is processed, retail store, branded product and then it calculates how much user needs based on their shopping list.

Why Foodin?

We connect and track your users behavior from start to finish

Impeccable data reliability

Easily analyze nutritional data, purchasing patterns and frequency of orders.

Integrations on every level

Connect your app to a vertically integrated environment with a single API.

Scalable and expanding

We are moving fast and covering all grounds with new partners, no matter where.

Predictive experience

Our machine learning models train on millions of data points to predict every preference.

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