Leading the shift to online groceries

Foodin is a technology company that is building the standard grocery infrastructure. Applications of every size - form startups to big companies - can use our software to sell and deliver groceries to their customers.

The potential of the online grocery industry

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, e-grocery sales were reckoned at 4.3% of the 2020 total grocery market and projected to rise to 5.4% in 2021, reach a double-digit share of 10.7% in 2024 and then hit 13.5% in 2025.

However, with online grocery reaching a double-digit share this year, post-pandemic estimates show the channel growing to 12.5% ($132.88 billion) of the $1.06 trillion grocery market in 2021 on its way to surpassing a 20% share in 2025.

We are removing barriers in connecting existing software companies to brick and mortar stores, helping more businesses get started much faster and increasing economic output and grocery trade globally.

Designed for businesses

Powering apps with delivery and delivery with partners

Creating nutritional and recipe apps is hard work because you have to create content, upload groceries, nutritional data and measures. Next step is integrating with other delivery providers that don’t have unified API.

Industry-leading documentation

Our documentation and extensive Client libraries contain everything a business needs to build a custom integration in a fraction of the time.

Support for the developer community

We actively contribute to open-source projects—giving back to the community through development, patches, and sponsorships.

Thriving partner ecosystem

Our library offers dozens third-party integrations to help with business operations, including analytics, accounting, CRM and delivery.

Refined Software

Created for Visionaries

Just like you we’ve encountered many challenges in developing a platform that sells groceries. We have experienced every issue from grocery management to product updates.

Talking to other companies we figured how can we help businesses and customers. Our Endgame is to give you, the Visionary of the next food revolution, all tools to feed your customers in the best way possible.

We are developing new features every day so you can always be updated and stick what you know best.

How are we better?

Tracking every instance of user behavior

Mapped purchasing phases

We share information with you every time your user moves up the purchasing phase.

Two ways of connecting

Use our API to deliver local products worldwide, or use it to power your app with delivery.

Scalable and expanding

We are moving fast and covering all grounds with new partners, no matter where.

Trusted by Entrepreneurs

With Foodin, entrepreneurs can predict purchasing options and enhance user experience

Worldwide Coverage

From small startups to big companies.

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